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Translation Services in the United KingdomChoosing among the long list of UK translation services agencies, no matter if they are translation agencies based in the UK or in other countries, can be a daunting task indeed. At LinguaVox we hope to make the task easier by putting at your disposal one of the most comprehensive databases of translators and language professionals.

At LinguaVox we are extremely knowledgeable about the UK translation services market. Throughout the years, we have worked with hundreds of UK based small, medium, and large-sized companies, as well as with numerous individuals who required our services. We take pride in our high percentage of repeat business and we hope you will soon join our long list of satisfied customers.

Online UK Translation Services

LinguaVox is a certified and quality-oriented technical translation services provider with 13 years of experience in the translation industry, both in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain, etc) and in North America. Just a few years after our translation agency was founded in early 2000, we were awarded two of the most prestigious international quality certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and EN-15038:2006. The fact that we comply with the most stringent quality standards means that you can rest assured that your translation project will be dealt with the utmost professionalism from beginning to end.

Professional Translation Services in the United Kingdom in 150 languages

UK Translation Services CompanyOur professional translation company currently provides professional translation services in the United Kingdom in more than 150 languages and in more than 1,500 language combinations, including Iberian and Latin American Spanish, European and Canadian French, Dutch, German, Polish, Romanian, Slovene, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, Marathi, Punjabi, Korean, Brazilian and European Portuguese, and many more. To do so, we count on our selected team of language professionals, which includes translators, revisers, reviewers, proofreaders, project managers, voice actors, language interpreters, certified translators, software localisers, desktop publishers, and others.

We guarantee that your translation project will be handled by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. In addition to that, we always use target language native translators who live in the country in which the translated document is to be used. This measure guarantees that the translated document will read seamlessly to the intended audience, without foreign-sounding expressions of any kind that could interfere with the readability of the document.

Online UK Translators

All our British English translators meet the strict professional competences outlined in the European directive EN-15038, which in Britain is applicable under the name BS EN 15038. If you require a document to be translated into British English, you can be sure that it will be handled by a qualified native English translator with an excellent command of one or more foreign languages, and often, with specialist knowledge of the subject matter that concerns the document to be translated.

Technical translation services in the United Kingdom

UK document translation servicesLinguaVox is the trusted technical translation partner of thousands of companies in Europe and North America. You can now engage our UK translation services in most British cities, such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, etc.

LinguaVox’s range of professional document translation services include:

  • We translate personal and professional documents, such as business letters, tourist guides, academic transcripts, diplomas, medical records, financial statements, product catalogues, product labels, product specifications, business presentations, promotional material, etc.
  • Technical translations between British English and hundreds of other languages in the areas of aeronautics, agriculture, anatomy, architecture, astronomy, astronautics, aviation, accountancy, biology, banking, botany, cartography, chemistry, cinema, computing, construction, economics, electricity, electronics, electromedicine, environment, ecology, engineering, foods, gastronomy, geology, hardware, hospitality, hydraulics, logistics, law, machinery, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, metallurgy, marketing, microbiology, music, navigation, odontology, oceanography, pharmacy, public administration, philosophy, physics, photography, public works, painting, politics, public relations, stock market, surgery, sports, software, thermal insulation, transport, trade, textiles, etc..
  • Medical translation services in the subfields of anatomy, anaesthesiology, cardiology, cardiovascular physiology, dermatology, epidemiology, endocrinology, haematology, internal medicine, legal medicine, nuclear medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, nutrition, stomatology, ophthalmology, oncology, paediatrics, radiology, traumatology, urology, and many other specialities.
  • Legal translation, covering administrative, banking, business, civil rights, corporate, energy, environmental, employment, family, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, patent, personal injury, real estate, tax, and securities law, among others.
  • Website translations of UK websites, including online shops, blogs, web portals, HTML 5, Joomla & WordPress sites, etc.
  • We translate patents relating to virtually every technical field (engineering, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, electronics, etc.)
  • Multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing, script translation, script adaptation and synchronization, native narrators, voice-overs and voice actors in hundreds of languages.
  • We can help our UK clients with the translation of sound, image, and text files in all formats. Our DTP department employs state-of-the-art equipment and software packages, including Quark, Framemaker, Pagemaker, InDesign, Interleaf, Adobe Acrobat, Freehand, Flash, and others.
  • Urgent Translation. Same-day, overnight, urgent, and rush translation services in most of the languages that comprise our language offer.
  • We can help your British company with any specialised translation request anywhere in the United Kingdom: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Brighton, Hull, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby, Swansea, Southampton, Salford, Aberdeen, Westminster, Portsmouth, York, Peterborough, Dundee, Lancaster, Oxford, Newport, Preston, St Albans, Norwich, Chester, Cambridge, Salisbury, Exeter, Gloucester, Lisburn, Chichester, Winchester, Londonderry, Carlisle, Worcester, Bath, Durham, Lincoln, Hereford, Armagh, Inverness, Stirling, Canterbury, Lichfield, Newry, Ripon, Bangor, Truro, Ely, Wells, St Davis, etc.
  • Although LinguaVox is not a UK based translation company, we offer top quality translation services to UK clients from our translation offices in Europe (Spain) and the United States. Unlike some UK translation companies, LinguaVox is certified according to both ISO 9001 and EN 15038 quality standards.
  • We are planning to open a translation agency in the UK in the next few years.