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Free Translation Quote

Free Translation Quote

Here you can request a free quote for translation without obligation. Do not forget to attach the documents you wish to translate and state the languages into which you wish them translated and when you need them. You will receive a free translation estimate soon after we receive your request.

We can handle translations into 150 languages and in most language combinations, including language combinations without English.


Click on the hyperlink corresponding to the translation service you need. You email program will open with our email address, a subject line showing the kind of service requested, and a few lines in the body of your message reminding you of important information required to help us to prepare your estimate:

  • Document Translation Services. Translation of general or non-specialised documents: business and commercial letters, personal correspondence, texts without technical terminology, etc.  Send us the documents you need to translate by email, and you will receive a translation price estimation in a few hours. For urgent inquiries, you can call any of the phone numbers shown next to our logos above.
  • Technical Translation Services. Translation of technical documents: user guides, installation and configuration guides, safety data sheets, troubleshooting guides, service manuals, texts with technical terminology. Request for translation estimate for technical translation services.
  • Medical Translation Services. Translation of pharmaceutical and medical documents: patient questionnaires, medical papers, scientific journals, medical equipment manuals, drug information leaflets, all kinds of texts including medical terminology, etc. Request a free translation quotation.
  • Legal Translation Services. Translation of legal content. Legal texts and documents such as powers of attorney, court documents, employment contracts, business agreements, deeds, wills, property contracts, etc. RFQ for legal translation services.
  • Certified Translation Services. We can help you with official, sworn, notarised, and certified translation services of most common documents, including birth certificates, divorce papers, passports, criminal records, official transcripts, adoption reports, etc. As we work with sworn and certified translators in most countries, it is very important that you inform us in which country you are going to use the translation, as sworn and certified translation requirements vary from one country to another (USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada, etc.) For example, we can provide you a certified and notarised translation of your birth certificate from Spanish to English to use in the United States, an English to Spanish sworn translation of your university diploma by an English to Spanish sworn translator accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cooperation, etc.
  • Website Translation Services. If available, please try to send us a local copy of the original website, either as an exported file or a website format file. If in doubt, contact your webmaster or read our section about website translation services.
  • Patent Translation Services. Translation of technical patents (engineering, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, electronics, etc.)
  • Software Localisation Services. Our expert software localisers can assist you in the edition of audio, video, and graphics, software localisation and adaptation in more than 150 languages.
  • Multimedia Translation Services.We can help you find native male and female voice actors, voice-overs, narrators, as well as subtitling, dubbing, script translation, adaptation, and synchronisation services. Please, explain your requirements in detail.
  • Desktop Publishing Services.We specialise in providing desktop publishing and typesetting services in languages that use non-Latin alphabets. Our team of experts can handle all file formats (sound, video, images), and we only use state-of-the-art equipment and software so that our clients receive ready-to-publish, high-quality files.
  • Urgent Translation Services. Our urgent translation services include same-day, rush, and overnight translations in most of the languages included in our extensive language offer.
  • Language interpreters. Consecutive, simultaneous, telephone interpreters.
  • Other services. If you require a quote for other language or translation related services not specified above.


  • If you want to receive a personalised offer, send us an email with your detailed translation requirements: language combinations, monthly translation volume, etc, and we will send you a translation price list based on your profile. You will also receive our corporate presentation along with our translation price list.


  • No doubt you will be able to find cheaper translation service providers in the internet, but check what quality guarantees they offer. Translation quality costs. We apply the best translation rates at which translation quality can be purchased. Do not hesitate to contact one of our senior translation project managers for detailed translation pricing information based on your translation buyer’s profile.


  • We usually base our translation fees on the source word count, that is, we will provide you with a detailed word count of the original documents and the translation rate we apply per each source word (word in the original document.) Thus, you will know the translation cost beforehand.
  • Upon request, we can provide you with a translation price list based on lines (with or without characters), pages, translation price per 100 words or 1,000 words, etc.
  • If you want to know how much it costs to translate a document from one language to another, drop us a line and you will get an answer ASAP. We currently offer translations in 150 languages, including …

Free Online Translation Quote Request – LinguaVox

  • Translation quotation is free and without obligation. We only ask you to inform you about your decision.