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Multimedia Translation Services

LinguaVox is a well-established and reputable multilingual multimedia translation agency with over 22 years’ experience in the professional audiovisual and multimedia translation services market in the UK, the United States, and other countries.

Multimedia Translation Services

The growth of the multimedia translation industry is closely linked to an increased demand for localisation and globalisation services. In an attempt to reach the largest possible number of customers around the globe, many TV and radio stations, technical firms, and movie studios have seen the need to provide localised content that is linguistically and culturally acceptable and meaningful.

Audiovisual translation or multimedia translation consists of a wide array of specialist solutions. The most common are subtitling, voice-over services, and dubbing, but at LinguaVox we go beyond that and offer an extensive list of professional multimedia translation services. We currently provide our services in more than 150 languages, thanks to our dedicated team of qualified and experienced translators, multimedia engineers, voice artists, and narrators. More than twelve years have elapsed since our first incursion in the market, during which we have compiled a comprehensive bank of voices that cover a large number of languages, regional variations, and accents. For instance, we do not only have native voice talents in Spanish, but our team is made up of professionals from all Spanish-speaking countries, so that your project can be delivered exactly to the audience is intended to. The same applies to other languages that are known for their regional variations, such as English, French, Chinese, and Arabic.

In addition to our proven experience in the field of multimedia translation and localisation, we are one of the few global translation agencies that can confidently offer a triple quality guarantee. Every project we undertake goes through comprehensive quality checks, performed by experienced project managers who are specialists in the multimedia translation industry. At LinguaVox we place the highest importance on delivering final products that cannot be faulted in any way. All our internal procedures comply with the most stringent international quality standards.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of the multimedia services we have on offer:

Translation of scripts for cinema, films, cartoons, documentaries, and TV
Adjusting, adaptation, and synchronization of scripts for voiceover and dubbing (lip-synchronisation)
Video and audio transcription
Audio-description for the blind
Translation and localization of radio and television commercials
Subtitling for the deaf
E-learning multimedia localization services
Audio localization
Video localization
Software localization services
Videogame localization services
Whichever your multilingual needs may be, at LinguaVox we have the necessary expertise to help you speak to your audience in their own language.

LinguaVox provides multimedia translation services in virtually any language combination with English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese and any of these languages: English (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), Spanish (Spain, Latin American Spanish), French (France, French-speaking African countries, Canadian French), German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal) and Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Basque, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Oriya, Pashto, Persian (Farsi, Dari), Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Filipino, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, etc.

Our translation agency provides ISO 9001/ISO 17100 Certified Professional Translation Services in 150 languages: