Tamil Translation Services

Tamil Language ServicesLinguaVox is an online ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified translation agency specialised in Tamil to English and English to Tamil translation services. Our professional Tamil translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

Online Tamil Language Services

Tamil is a Dravidian language with official status in Sri Lanka, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and Singapore. Tamil is currently spoken by approximately 70 million people in Asia, and by Tamil-speaking communities in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States.

Tamil’s 2000 year-long literary tradition has made some scholars affirm that Tamil has one of the world’s richest literatures. A high percentage of ancient Asian manuscripts are written in Tamil, and the influence of this language is not less pervasive today, with almost 2,000 newspapers being published in Tamil around the world.

Tamil Translation AgencyThere are numerous Tamil dialects, which are generally mutually intelligible, except for some variants used in Sri Lanka, which differ significantly in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

English to Tamil translation services

LinguaVox S.L. is a long-established translation agency with offices in Europe (Spain) and in the United States (Michigan). We specialise in providing top-quality translations in numerous Asian languages, including Tamil. If you require a technical translation between English and Tamil, LinguaVox can assist you with a large team of professional translators experienced in virtually all technical fields.

Tamil to English translation services

You can entrust your Tamil to English technical translations to us with the confidence that you are dealing with an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified agency. We provide technical, medical, legal, website, and patent translations, among many others. Your translation will be assigned to a translator who lives in the English-speaking country in which the document is to be used.

Tamil language interpreters

If you require a simultaneous, consecutive, teleconference, or over-the-phone interpretation service, contact our Tamil language interpretation department for a free quote. We work with an extensive network of qualified Tamil interpreters in hundreds of Asian cities and in the main cities of Europe and North America.

Professional Tamil Translation Services

LinguaVox Tamil language services also include:

  • Certified and sworn translations. Our certified translators comply with all the requirements stipulated by the relevant authorities in the target country where you are going to use the sworn translation: Spain, France, UK, United States, Germany, Canada, etc.
  • Website, software and video game localisation services carried out by experts in Tamil language and culture
  • Multimedia translation services. We can help you find a native Tamil voice actor, narrator, or voice-over
  • Desktop publishing services. LinguaVox specialises in ready-to-publish translations of files in all formats (sound and text). Our desktop publishers and typesetters can proficiently use the latest software and equipment in order to provide you with a flawless Tamil version of your original file
  • Translations between Tamil and other languages (Hindi, French, German, etc.)