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Serbo-Croatian Translation Services

Serbo-Croatian Language Services

If you require to translate some documents from English into Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian, do not hesitate to contact our Serbo-Croatian Translation Services Division for a free quote without obligation.

LinguaVox also has dedicated departments to assist you with your multimedia translation requirements (subtitling, voice-overs, dubbing, male and female Serbo-Croatian voice actors), and with desktop publishing. We specialise in delivering ready-to-publish files in all formats (sound, text) and using the latest technology and equipment.

Serbo-Croatian (sometimes called Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 17 million people, mostly in the Western Balkans. Following the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, Serbo-Croatian became the official language of Croatia (where it is called Croatian), Bosnia and Herzegovina (where it is known as Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian), Kosovo and Serbia (Serbian), and Montenegro (known as Montenegrin). Therefore, there are four different standards of Serbo-Croatian.

Apart from obvious differences in vocabulary, accent, pronunciation, and syntax, Serbo-Croatian is written using different scripts. Whereas in Croatia it is written using the Latin alphabet, in Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia Herzegovina it can be found written both with the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets.

Although Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian present a high percentage of mutual intelligibility, due to the political and historical context, it is always recommendable to translate into the predominant variant of the country in which a document is going to be used.

LinguaVox is a certified translation agency offering translation services in the four standards of Serbo-Croatian. Our translators are not only selected according to their linguistic skills, but also taking into consideration their degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity. We work exclusively with in-country translators and interpreters who are fully acquainted with the cultural and political context of each area. Contact us if you require a serbocroatian translation.

Our team of translators has expertise in multiple technical areas, including law, medicine, information technology, education, government, engineering, etc. Please let us know in which country your translation is to be used (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, or Bosnia Herzegovina) and we will readily assign the project to the most suitable translator.

Our agency has been awarded with two international quality assurance certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100). Our Serbo-Croatian to English translations are carried out by professionals with an excellent command of Serbo-Croatian and native proficiency in English, in addition to expert technical knowledge. We require that all translations are checked and verified by a project manager prior to delivery.

  • Serbo-Croatian interpreters. We can assist you finding a professional interpreter in hundreds of cities throughout Europe and the Americas. Our interpreters can provide simultaneous, consecutive, relay, liaison, over-the-phone, and teleconference interpretation services.
  • Fully certified sworn and certified translators in different countries: UK, USA, Spain, France, Germany, etc.
  • Urgent Serbo-Croatian to English translations (same-day, overnight, and rush translations). We can assist you with your urgent requests, whether the translation involves an email or a full company report. Rush English to Serbo-Croatian translations.
  • Translations between Serbo-Croatian and many other languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.)
  • Expert software and website localisers in Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.

Our translation agency provides online language services and professional translation services into and from most world languages.