Romanian Translation Services

Romanian Translation AgencyLinguaVox is an online translation company specialised in Romanian to English and English to Romanian translation services. Our professional Romanian translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

Online Romanian Language Services

Romanian Translation ServicesRomanian is a Romance language spoken by approximately 24 million people, most of whom live in Romania and Moldova. Romanian is one of the European Union’s 23 official languages, and holds official status in Vojvodina (Serbia), in addition to being a recognised language in Ukraine. Due to emigration, there are large Romanian-speaking communities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy (1 million speakers), and Spain (800,000 speakers).

In recent years, the demand for Romanian language services has grown considerably, particularly in countries that host large Romanian-speaking communities. Interpretation services and sworn translations in Romanian are also on the rise throughout Europe.

English to Romanian Translation Services

LinguaVox S.L. is an established translation agency specialising in Romanian translations. We manage an extensive team of selected language professionals from our two offices in Europe and in the United States. We currently provide translation services in more than 150 languages and in over 1,000 language combinations, including translations between Romanian and French, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, etc.

We offer flawless technical translations from Romanian into English (British, American, and any other English variant) and from English into Romanian. Our translators, revisers, and proofreaders specialise in multiple technical areas, such as law, medicine, patents, engineering, academia, banking, automotive, manufacturing, etc. All our Romanian translations compliant with ISO 17100 are covered by a triple quality guarantee.

If you require a Romanian interpreter in the UK, Spain, Romania or any other European or North American country, LinguaVox will locate a qualified interpreter in your desired modality (consecutive, simultaneous, relay, etc.)

We also supply certified and sworn translations of birth certificates, university diplomas, marriage certificates, passports, and other official documents. All our Romanian translators are authorised to provide their services by the authorities of the country in which they work.

LinguaVox also has specialised divisions in website translation, patent translation, software, videogame and website localisation services in Romanian, desktop publishing solutions, multimedia translation, and web design.