Punjabi Translation Services

Punjabi Translation AgencyWe offer the following Punjabi translation services:

  • Document translation from English into Punjabi and from Punjabi into English. Our translators only work into their mother tongue, therefore guaranteeing the clarity and readability of the final translated document. Punjabi into English projects are assigned to translators who speak the English variant of the country where the document is to be used. You just need to specify whether you require a British, American, or Australian English translation. Similarly, our English to Punjabi translators can work into the four different Punjabi scripts
  • Certified and sworn translations provided by fully authorised certified translators
  • Punjabi interpreters in most cities of Pakistan, the Punjab region, and in large European, Asian, and North American cities
  • Technical translations between Punjabi and other languages, including German, Spanish, French, etc. We cover virtually every technical area: automotive, mobile phones, chemical engineering, insurance, patents, law, agriculture, human rights, education, tourism, life sciences, etc.
  • Our dedicated website translation experts can assist you with translating your site from English into Punjabi and vice versa. We also have a software and website localisation division providing culturally-specific language and technology solutions
  • Multimedia translation solutions, including voice-overs, narrators, Punjabi voice actors, subtitling and dubbing services, etc.
  • Urgent Punjabi language services (rush, same-day, overnight translations)

Online Punjabi Translation Services

Punjabi Translation ServicesWith almost 100 million speakers, Punjabi is among the world’s top ten most widely spoken languages. Punjabi is spoken in Northern India (Punjab) and in Pakistan, where it is the first language of almost 50 per cent of the population. In the United Kingdom, Punjabi is the second most popular foreign language (in terms of number of speakers) as it is estimated that there are 900,000 Punjabi speakers.

There are as many as four Punjabi scripts and dozens of dialects, which are influenced by the geographical location and the religion of the speakers.

LinguaVox S.L. is a certified translation agency offering specialised translation services from English into Punjabi and from Punjabi into English. Over the past decade, our agency has provided top-quality multilingual translations to governmental agencies, health care boards, first-class educational institutions, and thousands of organisations in both the private and public sectors. As proof of our commitment to excellence, we hold two international quality certificates: ISO 9001 and industry-specific ISO 17100.