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Polish Translation Services

English-Polish Translation Services

At LinguaVox, Polish translation services are our speciality. During the past 22 years, our agency has built a comprehensive database of language professionals who can provide translations into more than 150 languages. Our Polish translation team consists of translators, proofreaders, interpreters, project managers, software localisers, desktop publishing experts, Polish voice actors, and many more. 

Our English-Polish translators have a recognised degree in Translation, between 2 and 5 years’ experience as full-time translators, and expert knowledge in various technical fields, including aeronautics, finance, insurance, renewable energies, law, engineering, medicine, patents, etc.

Online English-Polish Translation Services Agency

We offer the most comprehensive offer of English to Polish document translation services. Our translators have an excellent command of English and native proficiency in Polish, coupled with outstanding writing skills and detailed knowledge of the terminology applicable to each document type.

LinguaVox provides flawless document translations from Polish into all English variants, including British English, American English, Canadian English, New Zealand English, etc. Whether you require the translation of a data sheet, a product catalogue, a patent, or a service portfolio, you can entrust your project to us with full confidence. Our agency has been awarded two international quality certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100) that attest to our strict quality control procedures.

  • Experienced Polish language interpreters in most Polish, European and North American cities
  • Sworn and certified translators. Our Polish sworn translators have passed a state examination and have been approved by the Polish Ministry of Justice. In the United Kingdom, our Polish certified translators have passed the examinations applied by the relevant professional bodies
  • Translations between Polish and French, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.
  • Website translation services
  • Specialist software and videogame localisers
  • Multimedia translations, including dubbing, subtitles, voice-overs, Polish voice actors, etc.
  • Desktop publishing experts in Polish

Our translation agency provides online language services and professional translation services into and from most world languages.