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Pashto Translation Services

Pashto Translation Services

LinguaVox is specialised in Pashto translation services. Our professional Pashto (Afgani) translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

LinguaVox S.L. is a long-established online translation agency with ample experience providing language solutions to top international clients, including not-for-profit agencies, governmental bodies, academic institutions, and blue chip companies in the most diverse industries, including automotive, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, banking, finance, engineering, information technology, patents, education, agriculture, and biotechnology, just to name a few.

Our Pashto translators are selected on the basis of their language proficiency, specialist translation qualifications, and verifiable experience. We also place high importance on our translators having a solid technical background and in-depth knowledge of one or more subject areas.

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LinguaVox now offers top quality translation services in more than 150 languages, and we do not limit our range of services to Pashto to English or English to Pashto translations. Please contact our project managers if you require a translation that involves other language pairs.

Pashto (also known as Afgani) is a language spoken by approximately 60 million people, most of whom live in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Pashto has official status in Afghanistan and is recognised as a regional language in the Western provinces of Pakistan and in the capital, Karachi. Emigration patterns have contributed to spreading the Pashto language around the globe, and currently there are important Pashto-speaking communities in the Middle East, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

There are two major Pashto (Afgani) dialects, although the differences between them are not significant.

LinguaVox is your trusted pashto language translation partner.

Our full range of Pashto language services includes:

  • Document translations between Pashto, English, and many other languages. We can handle all types of documents, from business contracts to medical reports
  • Certified and sworn translation services. If you need a certified translation of your passport or birth certificate for immigration purposes, LinguaVox can provide a reliable and fast service
  • Pashto language interpreters in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and numerous cities throughout Europe and North America. All our Pashto interpreters are duly authorised by the authorities of the country in which they provide their services
  • Urgent translations to and from Pashto.
  • Multimedia translations in Pashto (documentary voice-overs, native Pashto voice actors, subtitles, dubbing, etc.)
  • Desktop publishing services. We specialise in ready-to-publish translation services, so that your translated files are ready to be uploaded to your website
  • Software localisation services, provided by our team of linguistic and cultural experts
  • Pashtun translate.

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