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Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian Translation Services

LinguaVox S.L. is a translation agency providing specialist Norwegian translation services, both in Bokmål and in Nynorsk. For over a decade, our agency has been providing Norwegian and international clients with top quality in numerous fields, including automotive, engineering, oil and gas production, biotechnology, telecommunications, banking, mobile phones, food processing, banking, finance, and many more.

At LinguaVox, every Norwegian translation project is backed up by our unique triple quality guarantee.

Norwegian is a Scandinavian language spoken by approximately 5 million people. Most Norwegian speakers live in Norway, but Norwegian-speaking communities can also be found in Sweden, Denmark, and the United States.

Although there are numerous spoken Norwegian dialects (some of which are unintelligible to speakers of other dialects), written Norwegian has two official forms: Bokmål and Nynorsk. Bokmål presents a strong Danish influence, while Nynorsk contains elements belonging to various Norwegian dialects. Approximately 85 per cent of primary and secondary level education is provided in Bokmål. The majority of national newspapers are published in Bokmål too, but both language forms are used in government and in regional media.

Our team of Norwegian translators can assist you with all your translation needs. You only need to specify which official form of Norwegian is required. All LinguaVox translators have specialist qualifications, proven experience in translation and in technical fields, and extensive knowledge of one or more subject matters.

We carry out document translations into all English variants (British, America, Canadian, Australian, etc.). Our Norwegian into English translators have an excellent command of Norwegian and native proficiency in English.

Our full range of Norwegian language services:

  • Norwegian interpreters in most Norwegian, European and North American cities
  • Sworn and certified translators, all of whom are authorised to provide their services in the country where the translation is going to be used
  • Translation services between Norwegian and a long list of other languages, including Spanish, German, French, Finnish, etc.
  • Norwegian narrators, voice actors, voice-overs, subtitling and dubbing services, managed by our expert multimedia translation department
  • Urgent Norwegian translations (same-day, overnight, rush)
  • Desktop publishing services in Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)
  • Software, website, and videogame localisation services aimed at the Norwegian market

Our translation agency provides online language services and professional translation services into and from most world languages.