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Kannada Translation Services

Kannada Translation Services

LinguaVox is a professional translation agency specialised in Kannada to English and English to Kannada translation services. Our professional Kannada translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

Kannada (also known as Banglori or Canarese) is a language spoken by over 38 million people in the Indian subcontinent. Kannada is one of India’s official languages, and it continues to have a large impact on Indian literature and poetry, due to its vast literary tradition, which spans 1,500 years. Kannada is mainly spoken in the Karnataka state, which is India’s 9th largest state, and whose capital city is Bangalore. In this state, Kannada is employed in official and administrative proceedings.

Due to emigration, Kannada is also spoken by Indian communities in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Gulf, and the Middle East. There are at least 20 dialectal variations of Kannada.

LinguaVox is an online technical translation services agency with offices in Europe and the United States (Michigan). Over the course of 22 years, we have built an extensive base of satisfied clients, who have entrusted their translation requests to us in more than 150 languages. LinguaVox is pleased to include Kannada language translations among its language services offer.

Our agency offers a triple quality guarantee in all our Kannada translation services compliant with ISO 17100. ISO 9001 certification guarantees that we adhere to the strictest quality management procedures. ISO 17100 International standards ensure that we comply with international regulations regarding personnel selection and management of the client-provider relationship. We also carry out internal quality checks on every project entrusted to us, to guarantee that the final product delivered is a flawless rendition of the original.

Our Kannada translation professionals are selected on the basis of their linguistic and cultural competence, their qualifications, and their experience as translators. We also require that translators working for LinguaVox have in-depth knowledge of one or more specialist areas. We can therefore offer accurate and reliable Kannada translations in a wide range of topics and subject matters, including insurance, electronics, government, law, medicine, information technology, education, etc.

If you require a Kannada to English translation service, we will make sure that the translator in charge of your project is a native speaker of the predominant English variant in the country where the document is going to be used.

LinguaVox can help you find a qualified interpreter for the duration of your business trip to India. We work with Kannada translators in most Indian, European and North American cities.

Additionally, we offer sworn / certified translations, translations between Kannada and dozens of other languages, urgent translations, software localisation, multimedia translations, and many more. Contact us today for a free quote.