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Irish Translation Services

Irish Translation Services

Are you searching for an Irish translation agency or an Irish language service provider? LinguaVox is an online ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified translation agency specialised in Irish to English and English to Irish translation services.

Our English-Irish (Gaelic) translation services agency has been operating since 2000 from our headquarters in Europe and our translation agency in the United States. 

 Our language offer includes quality document translation services in more than 150 languages, and thousands of language combinations. That means that we can help you with English to Irish and Irish to English translations, but also with French-Irish, German-Irish, Italian-Irish, Portuguese-Irish, and other language combinations with Irish as a source or target language. Our professional Irish translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

Irish (Gaelic) is an Indo-European language spoken by approximately 100,000 people. Irish has recognised status in the Republic of Ireland (where it is the national and official language), Northern Ireland, and the European Union. In Ireland, Gaelic is spoken by the majority of the population in the areas known as Gaeltacht, which include communities in Connemara, Galway, the Aran Islands, West Muskerry, Donegal, Ring, and the Dingle peninsula.

Gaelic is regulated by the Foras na Gaeilge (the Irish Language Body), which has headquarters in Dublin. In addition, the Irish Government continues to make efforts aimed at expanding the reach of Gaelic. One of these initiatives is the Department for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. Throughout the Irish Republic, many radio stations and television channels serve the Gaelic-speaking community.

Outside Ireland, and since 2007, Gaelic is used by Irish MPs at the European Parliament and other European Union offices. This has sparked the need for qualified Gaelic interpreters and translators, and it is likely that the demand will continue to grow in the near future.

LinguaVox is an online translation agency with 12 years of experience providing small, medium, and large companies with professional translation services. Our translators are carefully selected among a pool of outstanding language service professionals. We require that they have a professional qualification, between 2 and 5 years of documented experience as translators, proven expertise in one or more specialised subject areas, and language proficiency in their source language(s). Moreover, all our translators only work into their mother tongue.

Our clients include Irish translation agencies and companies, and clients worldwide.

We offer the most comprehensive range of Irish translation services:

English into Irish and Irish into English document translations in virtually every field (medical, technical, legal, pharmaceutical, academic, etc.). Where documents are to be translated into English, we ensure that our English translators are knowledgeable about the specific English variant involved, whether it is British, American or Australian English)
Qualified Irish language interpreters in most Irish and British cities, as well as throughout Europe and North America. Our interpreters can provide consecutive, whispering, simultaneous, relay, teleconference, and other modalities of interpretation services
Certified and sworn translation services, including court documents, birth certificates, powers of attorney, etc.
Translations between Gaelic and other languages. We currently offer translations in 150 languages
Specialist desktop publishing and multimedia translation solutions to and from Gaelic.