Catalan Translation Services

Catalan Translation AgencyAre you looking for a certified Catalan Translation Agency? LinguaVox provides a wide range of top-quality Catalan translation services, including the following:

  • Catalan document translation services. Our professional team of qualified and experienced Catalan translators is ready to help you with technical, legal, medical, website, patent, financial, and many other specialist translations. We provide translations between Catalan and all European languages, as well as between Catalan and Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.
  • Catalan into English translation services. All our Catalan-English translators have an excellent command of Catalan, are native English speakers, and are certified to provide their services by the relevant authorities
    Sworn translations between Catalan and dozens of other languages, carried out by fully accredited Catalan translators
  • Catalan language interpreters in all modalities, in over 50 cities in Catalan territory, and in every European country, as well as in the United States
  • Expert male and female Catalan voice talents, along with dubbing, narration, and subtitling services
  • Multimedia translations, software localisation, and desktop publishing services

Catalan Language Services

Along with Spanish, Catalan is a co-official language in three Spanish autonomous communities: Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic archipelago. In addition, Catalan is the only official language in the Principality of Andorra. All in all, it is estimated that there are almost 12 million native Catalan speakers, which include those in the Italian island of Sardinia and in Southern France. It must also be noted that various governmental bodies are making efforts to guarantee the presence of Catalan at European institutions, and to include Catalan as one of the European Union’s official languages.

Catalan Translation ServicesCatalan is regulated by two academic bodies: the Institute of Catalan Studies, based in Barcelona, and the Valencian Academy of Catalan Language, which is funded by the Valencian Government. The existence of these institutions reflects the fact that there is significant linguistic variation between the different Catalan dialects, especially in terms of pronunciation. Although Valencian Catalan is intelligible to other Catalan speakers, it is always preferable that you employ a native Valencian translator if you must have a document translated that is to be exclusively used in the Valencian Community.

Professional Catalan Translation Services Online

LinguaVox is a certified translation company that conforms to both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards. Our Catalan translation agency works with an impressive database of translators around the world, which allows us to provide translation services in more than 150 languages and in thousands of language combinations. We have been providing specialist Catalan translation services for over a decade thanks to our team of selected Catalan translators, software localisers, and voice actors.