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LinguaVox UK Translation Company

LinguaVox UK

Uk translation services
22+ years of experience providing specialist document translation services.

UK translation services in over 150 languages

technical translation services

Technical Translation

Specialist technical translations for industry, manufacturing, engineering, etc.

certified translation services

Certified Translation

Certified translations for official use in the UK, Ireland, and other countries.

Native translators

Native Translators

Our translators are qualified, expert linguists who translate only into their mother tongue.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop Publishing

We can work with files in any format: Adobe, Quark, Pagemaker, Framemaker, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.


We work with professional voice artists to provide voice-over services in most languages.


Our audiovisual translation department can take care of your subtitling needs in any language.

LinguaVox UK Translation Company’s
Triple Quality Guarantee

1. Professional Translation

A professional, qualified and experienced translator translates into their mother tongue.

2. Independent Reviser

A translator with revision experience in the domain under consideration revises the translation.

3. In-house Quality Control

Quality control by one of our multilingual project managers, who is also an experienced linguist

What makes our UK Translation Agency different from other translation service providers?

LinguaVox set out as a small group of professional translators with a few local clients in November 2000.
Since then, more than 13,000 clients in over 100 countries have placed their trust in us.
We’ve translated millions of words to 150 languages and 3900 different languages combinations, thanks to our collaboration with more than 2000 professional translators located in 140 countries.

LinguaVox is an international translation agency with offices all over the world. LinguaVox UK Translation Company, our London translation company, is based at 120 High Rd, London, N2 9ED, United Kingdom.

LinguaVox is the trusted technical translation partner of thousands of companies in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. You can now request our UK translation services in most British cities, such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, etc.

LinguaVox also has translation offices in Michigan (USA),  Spain, and various offices in Europe.

Our document translation company provides global translation services to large corporations, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and private clients.

We have also worked for a number of public-sector clients and NGOs, such as the European Union, UNHCR, UNICEF, the Spanish central government, the Catalan government, the Basque government, and various local authorities, such as town halls, across Europe.

We have a large number of loyal, repeat customers for whom we manage all business translation service needs.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our translation agency services do not only include multilingual document translation services, but also other language services, such as:

  • Professional voice talents

    Give your project a voice with our voice-over services in the world’s most spoken languages.

  • Subtitling

    Our audiovisual translation department can take care of your subtitling needs in any language, from subtitle creation, translation, through to embedding translated subtitles.

  • Transcription Services

    We can transcribe audiovisual files in any language.

  • Dubbing

    We work with professional voice actors to provide dubbing services in various languages.

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

    We can work with files in any format, for example: Adobe, Quark, Pagemaker, Framemaker, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.

  • Video game localisation

    Our localisation team can take care of your translation needs, including adaptation and localisation of video games.

  • Software localisation

    Our software localisation team can help you to translate and adapt any software, including user interfaces (UIs).

  • Website translation services

    Our website localisation team takes care of each step of the localisation process, from translation through to adaptation of the website. We can work with any platform and with any programming language so that the delivered product is ready for instant publication. Our website translation services department is specialised in translating eCommerce and WordPress websites with different plugins, such as WPML

iso 9001 certified translation company

Does your legal firm in the City of London need an English to German translation of its website and is looking for a translation agency in London?
Are you based in Birmingham and need a Birmingham Translation Services Company to help you with an English to Spanish certified translation of your academic transcript to enroll on a Master’s degree course at a Spanish university?
Are you looking for a Glasgow Translation Services Agency specialising in legal translations because you need an English to Italian translation of your company’s articles of association or memorandum of association?
Are you moving to Portugal or Brazil and require an English to Portuguese translation and are looking for Liverpool Translation Services Providers specialising in certified translation services?
Is your Leeds-based company bidding for a tender in France and you’re looking for a Professional Leeds Translation Services Company because you need an English to French translation of your proposal?
Is your engineering company in Sheffield relocating a team of engineers to Shanghai and looking for Sheffield Translation Services to help with urgent English to Chinese translations of confidential documents?
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Do you need a medical translation from English to Serbo-Croatian and are looking for reliable Bristol translation services companies?
Is your Manchester-based company going to market products in Asia and is looking for a Manchester Translation Services Agency to handle the translation and layout of your product catalogue in Japanese, Chinese and Korean?
Are you looking for the best Edinburgh translation services companies to translate an patent form English into several languages?
Do you need to find a translation agency in Belfast to translate important documents?

LinguaVox UK provides professional translation services in over 3,500 language combinations.

We can also help you if you require legal translation services or certified translation services. Just give us a call and let us know your certification requirements. 

ISO 9001 sets out the requirements and criteria for a company’s quality management system.

At LinguaVox, we guarantee total and absolute transparency throughout the translation process.

You will be able to monitor the progress of your project(s) at all times and will have a person at your disposal to answer any queries that you may have.

Our accredited translation agency is certified to ISO 17100 standards.

This set of standards was specifically designed for the translation industry. Therefore, they are industry-specific and a certified translation company must be able to comply with the guidelines. ISO 17100 certification guarantees quality by ensuring that certified translation services companies such as LinguaVox comply with the following:

Professional translators should meet one at least one of these criteria:

  • a) hold a recognised university qualification in translation studies.
  • b) hold a recognised university qualification in another subject and have two years’ verifiable experience as a full-time translator.
  • c) have a minimum of 5 years’ demonstrable experience as a professional translator.

Secondly, every translation project must consist of a translation and a revision stage. Additional stages of the process include review and proofreading.

LinguaVox, S.L. has been awarded ISO 18587 certification for its headquarters in Europe by the auditing firm SGS. It’s another certification to add to the two that LinguaVox already has: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 (translation services). The auditor has verified that LinguaVox meets all the requirements specified in the standard to guarantee a machine translation service with full post-editing so that the final result is comparable to that of a human translation.

Our multilingual project management team is made up of translation enthusiasts, who have studied translation or modern languages at university. They are also expert and experienced translators in a range of fields, including technical, medical and legal translations.

Throughout the course of your project, your designated translation project manager will be on hand to answer any questions, ensure that your needs are fully understood, and guarantee that the final translation meets your expectations. LinguaVox UK Translation Company’s project managers are also responsible for carrying out various additional quality controls (grammar, spelling, delivery format, etc.) before delivery of your translation.

Our project management team is truly international and consists of native speakers of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Basque.

ISO 17100